Getting Started


The workflow
Easy, flexible, powerful.
There are four steps to publishing your work:
Step 1 - Upload & edit
Upload a single file or multiple files
Add descriptive titles, descriptions, keywords
Step 2 - LicensesApply your pricing template
Choose your licenses
Step 3 - Review
Review how your item(s) look on the site.
Step 4 - Publish
Pull the trigger and publish your work.

Editing multiple products
You can upload and edit multiple products all at once.
Keep in mind:- Different products can be at different states.

- To make revisions, simply move products through the workflow and apply changes.
- Use the product navigation to view the products in their current state.Product tilesProduct tiles provide an overview of your product.

Multiple products can be selected using Shift, CTRL or CMD

Currently, images and animations cannot be edited at the same time.
1. Product preview
2. Product state
3. Product title and type
4. Licenses applied
5. Pricing applied
6. Quick delete

Complete your creators profile
1. Uploading a profile image
2. A banner image
3. Include your bio, location, social links and personal website.
4. You can also display your images in light or dark mode.
5. Review your public profile

Pricing Templates
Create Custom Pricing Templates
While we have provided AvantForm recommendations, you can easily apply your own custom prices and licenses to your work with this template.
This pricing template can later be applied to your products.

Upload & Edit
Uploading & editing products
Ensure your uploads meet the minimum requirement.
We recommend uploading the highest resolution possible at the best quality settings.

Must be at least 1080px x 1080px on the long edge
Accepted formats: JPEGS or PNGs in sRGB colorspace

Must be at least 1080px x 1080px
Accepted formats for animations are High Quality MP4s or ProRes (422 is ideal)

Uploading multiple images or animations
Click or drag to upload multiple files.
Files will be processed to ensure they meet requirements.

Creating titles and descriptions
Create simple, understand product titles and descriptions.
How would you describe this work to a person? The more straightforward the better.
Your title should reflect your best keywords.
Descriptions are optional, but will help your work be discovered.

Adding keywords
Thoughtful, relevant keywords have the most profound impact your work discovered easily
A minimum of five keywords is required, but we recommend 10-25.
For ultimate searchability, up to 50 are permitted.
Don’t spam though.

Applying licenses & pricing
Our pricing and licensing component is empowering and flexible.
You can apply your own prices, and you’re in control of which licenses you want to make available.
Once you apply and save your changes, product tiles will reflect the updates.

Our pricing templates
AvantForm Recommended - developed on thorough market research.
My Template - this is the pricing template you’ve set up. If not, please do so now.
Custom - customized pricing, good for special or discounted items.Our licensesCommercial (Exclusive / Non-exclusive): includes all print runs and media uses, based on time

Editorial License* - non-commercial, editorial use, no time limitations
Creative Commons* (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) - non-commercial use, requires attribution, non-derivative - small size
*Indicates optional licenses

Review products
Review your products by clicking on the “eye”-con.

Published Products
View all published products on your profile.

Updating Products
Make updates to items by moving them through workflow and to make changes.
Unpublish your items to edit them.
Items that have been licensed exclusively (market freeze) cannot be edited until that license has expired.

Keywords, titles, & details:
How would you describe your work to another person?
Give your products proper titles and keywords
The abstract nature of illustration can make your work difficult to find.

Titles: The original title you gave the work.
Every image description should have a simple title that accurately describes the image in the most basic terms.
Use straightforward language - simplicity is key.

How would I describe this image to another person?

Keywording Dos
Describe what you see immediately
Describe colors, materials, textures, lighting, shapes, forms.
Stick to the details and relevant attributes
Check for spelling errorsConsider the industry
Know when to stop

Keywording Don’ts
Use abstract titles or descriptions
Apply keywords like social hashtags
Describe software or hardware
List your business or personal name
Include brand names or trademarks
“Spam” your images with less significant keywords

Use conceptual keywords
These keywords are not literal, they are words or phrases that convey a clear concept like “bright ideas” or “time travel”.
Many clients will know what they are searching for, but many will be seeking inspiration and search by certain concepts or theme.
Clients will search for commonly-used phrases, so be sure your concept is both familiar and relevant - and not something obscure.

Consider the industry
The type of client will vary greatly, but one thing almost always true: if a client is paying to use your work, that work is likely being used commercially. This means that, at some level, an industry is involved. Your image of floating fabric might be “fashion”, or that shot of exploding fruits might be “farming”. Consider adding these if you think they are relevant.

Include two-word terms but repeat them as individual words. For example, “ice skating” should also be tagged with “ice” and “skating”. “Space station” should also be tagged with “space” and “station”.

Getting Paid:
Please note: You must have a completed artist profile with a valid email where you would like receive payments.

We take pride in providing the highest royalty payouts in the industry. As an AvantForm creator, you keep 50% of all Non-Exclusive Licenses (Editorial & Commercial) and 75% of any Exclusive Commercial Licenses. We make payouts at the end of each month on balances over $100.00 USD.

Please ensure you have completed your profile to include an email that you would like to receive payment to from our payment processor.AvantForm’s payout system is built on a platform called Transferwise, which collects and securely stores all your payout information to pay you directly in real exchange rates with very low costs so that you get to keep more of your money. However, AvantForm will continue to be your resource for any and all
payout questions.

Payout Methods
AvantForm s committed to offering you a low cost, fast, and easy way to get
paid. We offer the following payout methods:Method 1: Transferwise - ACHMethod 2: Transferwise - Wire TransferMethod 3: Transferwise - Debit CardMethod 4: Transferwise - Credit CardEach of these methods have a slightly different cost structure with ACH being
the most cost effective and Credit Card being the most expensive.

Learn about licensing and pricing templates
Product Pricing & License Options
Create your own pricing template for images and animations.
This pricing can be applied to multiple products at a time.
Changes to this template will only affect future products.

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