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We're bringing our unique collection to Adobe Stock with a curated selection of 200 premium assets from AvantForm creators.

Unveiled at this year’s Adobe MAX, we're partnering with Adobe on a curated collection of 3D assets – now available for licensing on Adobe Stock Premium. This new collaboration provides Adobe customers access to AvantForm’s exclusive collection of stunning images and animations. In turn, AvantForm creators now have a new channel to showcase work to creative professionals from around the world.

Since we launched in February 2020, AvantForm has gained strong momentum among artists and professionals – causing Adobe to take notice. Now, we're bringing our surreal collection and pool of top talent to the multimedia giant’s premium stock service. It’s a huge step forward for the world of CGI into the mainstream – and the artists that are propelling it.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the AvantForm community, one that showcases a new era of content available in a digital art medium,” says AvantForm co-founder and digital artist Joey Camacho, also known as Raw and Rendered. “This partnership amplifies AvantForm’s mission of empowering the creative community at large – the creators making the work and the ones using it.”

Exploding Head by Philip Lueck

The demand for digital art has exploded in recent years as more advertisers and businesses are turning to CGI to meet their creative needs. This year, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has seen an increase in demand for highly creative, abstract work that can be created remotely without large production crews or location shoots.

“Our clients come from a variety of industries, ranging from arts and entertainment to innovative technology companies,” says Camacho. “The type of person who buys work on AvantForm has a concept or idea that can’t be expressed literally. They want to uphold creative integrity by working with premium content made by reputable artists. Often, they’re struggling to find visuals that don’t feel like obvious clichés. And sometimes, they just need something beautiful and abstract for a backdrop.

The partnership also signals Adobe’s move into the rapidly growing world of 3D design. Through the collection, their stock service gains access to a unique selection of artwork, which includes sculptural images, immersive backgrounds and conceptual abstractions of light, shadow and texture with a high-tech sheen. The artists included in the collection work at the intersection of futuristic aesthetics and design using creative software. 

Control Panel by Raw and Rendered

“At Adobe, we’re guided by our drive to innovate and expand creativity, and we recognize that same desire in the team at AvantForm,” says Sarah Casillas, Creative Director of Adobe Stock. “This partnership between Adobe Stock and AvantForm is a natural one: both share a company ethos around technology and design, and both are platforms designed by and for creatives.”

In today’s world, digital stories are becoming more complicated and conceptual. To stay relevant, creators regularly need to visually express ideas that are beyond the realm of photography. The collection allows Adobe’s community of creative professionals to move past traditional stock photography and into the future with extraordinary 3D content.

“Adobe Stock aims to elevate new ideas,” says Casillas. “AvantForm has assembled an outstanding portfolio of industry-leading digital artists. Their work with globally renowned brands helps align the subjects of their work to the needs of the industry.”

AvantForm’s exclusive collection of premium digital art is now live on Adobe Stock Premium.