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How do I become an AvantForm creator?

All applications are processed through our application page here.
Fill out your profile details to help us get to know more about you and your creative process.
After that, you’ll get access our creator's dashboard. You’ll upload a minimum of 20 images and/or 10 animations for us to process and review your application.

Why should I join AvantForm?

AvantForm is a curated platform that empowers advanced digital creators with the tools to license their work fairly and easily. We work closely with our community of digital artists who are dedicated to their craft, and deliver authentic work consistently.

We provide a digital artists, designers, and illustrators around the world the ability to control the pricing and structure of their licenses. We provide a space dedicated specifically for them to license the highest quality digital images and animations. We understand the time and effort it takes to make this type of work, and believe that it deserves unique value.

Founded by artists and built by artists, our close-knit community thrives through transparency, collaboration, and communication.

What is AvantForm’s exclusivity policy?

AvantForm’s curated collection is exclusive. As an an AvantForm contributor you’ll be free to work with other agencies and studios, but you may not upload the same images or animations to other licensing websites — including images or animations from the same project.

You are still able to use your work in your personal portfolio, share on social media, and use on printed products.

AvantForm will license work that has previously been available for licensing at another agency only if there are no remaining exclusive or rights-managed license grants active. 

We cannot accept content from free stock sites or work that has been distributed under Creative Commons “No Rights Reserved” (CC0) licenses - as it generally requires you to waive your copyright and related rights to your content

Even if you remove your work from these sites - such as Unsplash, Patreon, etc - any person who downloaded your work or source files is still free to use them how they’d like, which could include redistributing them. Since we’re unable to control the exclusivity of these licenses and their availability to AvantForm, we couldn’t accept them.

Does this mean AvantForm owns the copyright to work i upload?

No. You retain your copyright always.

What does it mean to be an “advanced” digital creator?

We only accept a very small portion of applicants.

“Advanced” means that, through time and experience, you have become proficient at your craft and have a vast portfolio of personal and professional work that stands out. You consistently create eye-catching work that isn’t easily reproduced.

Advanced means brave and bold. It means you value experimentation as much as you value delivering finished work. It means you produce exceptional results - by treating your personal work with the same level of pride and effort as professional work.

How much do AvantForm creators get paid?

As an AvantForm creator, you keep 50% of Non-Exclusive Licenses (Editorial & Commercial) and 75% of Exclusive Commercial Licenses. You are able to control the pricing of your commercial licenses, and are able to choose which licenses you'd like to make available.

How many Instagram Followers do I need to be on AvantForm?

Zero. Zip. Ziltch. Nada. A social media presence or online portfolio is not required. However, having a professional online presence where your work can reviewed will definitely help.

We don’t care if you have 100 followers or 100K followers - we care about how you present yourself and your work.

What are the file requirements for Work uploaded to AvantForm?

We accept JPEG / PNG formats
Minimum Resolution is 1920x1080px (HD). Suggested size is 2560x1440px (QHD)
High-resolution images are preferred
Any content with recognizable logos, trademarks or people will only be available for Editorial licensing

Minimum resolution of 1080x1080px. Suggested resolution is 1920x1080px
Clips should be between 5-30 seconds
Please remove all audio when exporting
Animations with logos, branding or trademarks will only be available for Editorial licensing
Acceptable formats are high quality H.264 (MP4), and ProRes files (preferably ProRes 422)

What rights do I need to own in the work I upload to AvantForm?

In order to license your images and animations on AvantForm, you need to ensure you are able to publish and distribute the assets within the final imagery. If you are uncertain, refer to the source where you purchased the assets from.

What should I consider when creating or submitting my work?

Unlike photography, digital art and illustration is not bound by format and resolution. It can be recreated at different resolutions, alternative colorways, varied compositions, materials, and lighting - and more.

Ultimately, your authenticity matters the most. Being able to develop compelling visual concepts is a plus. Consider a possible use and application and what you’d like it to communicate.

Technically, we encourage contributors to approach their work with the same attention to detail they would give to professional client projects; image quality, resolution, composition, color, etc. AvantForm is a place for your final frames - not work in progress.

Pushing boundaries and experimenting wildly is highly encouraged, but not at the cost of image quality. If you can create something “good” in a day, we would encourage you to push it a bit further.

Why do I have to add titles & keywords to the content that I’ve uploaded?

The nature of abstract imagery makes it difficult for people to clearly describe what is in the image or animation - which can make it difficult to find. Your ability to create simple, understandable titles and keywords will make it easier for clients to find your work.

When uploading your work, you will need to add a clear, descriptive title and a minimum of five relevant keywords to each item so we know it is ready for our review.

When will someone at AvantForm contact me about my application?

Our review process is thorough and takes time as we take each application very seriously. Our goal is to get back to you within 30 days, however it could take up to 60 days. We email all applicants once your application has been thoroughly reviewed.

If my application is declined, am I able to apply again?

We understand great work takes time. Even if your application was declined, we encourage you to come back to us when you’ve developed your skills further and advanced your craft. Take the time to evolve, experiment, and produce an updated collection of polished work.

Are you ready to join a professional community of artists, designers, and illustrators from around the world? Awesome - let’s do this.

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