Each week we put the spotlight on the artists on our roster and gain insight into their process, tools and things that inspire them. To kick things off, we’re introducing some of the talented creators that were part of the epic collaboration on our launch reel

Friedrich Neumann

We start by taking closer look at Friedrich Neumann’s process behind his work for the AvantForm launch reel. Friedrich is a 3D illustrator and art director based in Leipzig, Germany. He has an affinity for playing with textures and combining elements of different mediums in an incredibly organic way. His expressive art has helped bring his artwork to a wider audience, most recently as a featured creator on Behance. 

Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is another artist who’s work was included in the reel. Peter is a Polish artist, living in London who produces incredibly immersive 3D illustrations using simple shapes and elegant forms. We're seriously impressed by how he uses a wide array of materials and colours to create various compositions. Peter’s ability to combine realistic textures and lighting allows him to create ultra-realistic environments that make you say, ‘Wait, that’s not real??’. 

Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit is a German Graphic Designer, hailing from Berlin. He is a true 3D wizard; an extremely talented still-life and architecture 3D artist. Between lighting, composition, realism, each image Bertrand creates is a masterpiece. Using his photography background, Bertrand also loves photogrammetry. Take a second look at the work Bertrand Benoit included in the AvantForm reel.

Ryan Hawthorne

More killer work from AvantForm artist and contributor Ryan Hawthorne. Based in Los Angeles, Ryan Hawthorne is a media artist that specializes in experiential design and visual effects. The way Ryan combines different textures, shapes and colours blow us away – his art seems to provide a window into another reality.

Yas N Vicente

Finally, Yas N Vicente is a Spanish artist based out of LA who is passionate about art and art direction. She uses still life and concepts based on nature to create art that inspires. Her background as a graphic designer magnifies her incredible attention to detail.