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A Business Model for the Emerging Trend of Advanced Digital Illustration and CGI

VANCOUVER, BC and CALGARY, AB, January, 2020 – The mark of true creativity is when it challenges us to see the world differently. For years, Filip Hodas has been able to shift viewers’ perspectives with mind-bending ideas and entertain them with playful concepts in a medium evolving rapidly as a genre: digital art.   

Agencies and brands are taking notice, but only after they discover talent like Hodas on social media sites. When Hodas was first approached to have his work licensed in a global campaign, he was stunned. As his popularity gained, and more requests came in, he quickly realized how overwhelming and time-consuming the licensing process would be.


Vancouver-based digital artist Joey Camacho has been licensing his work to global brands for years. It’s a process he’s learned through trial and error, and one he recognizes as a unique challenge for professional creatives. 

Along with his co-founder, Paul Horton of Calgary, Camacho is launching AvantForm, a curated marketplace dedicated to supporting world-class digital creators by providing them the simplest and most empowering way to license their work. “We want to bridge the gap between the demand for this intensive work and the dedicated artists making it,” says Camacho. “We are unapologetically pro-artist, which resonates with all creatives, whether it be the ones making the work, or using it.” 

Camacho’s vision and credibility have attracted a roster of high-profile talent, including established artists like Peter Tarka, Eugene Golovanchuk, Esteban Diacono, and Frederic Duquette, who have all created a renowned library of work, now available to license for the first time with AvantForm.

“We are unapologetically pro-artist, which resonates with all creatives, whether it be the ones making the work, or using it.”


AvantForm delivers a curated collection of digital illustrations, designs, and animations of the highest quality. The wildly diverse content is searchable by titles and tags, artist, and media. Clients can select the work they’d like to use and purchase a license for editorial or commercial use. A selection of free, sample sized licenses are also available for non-commercial use.

Digital art is diverse and complex, so AvantForm respectfully allows artists to control their pricing and available licenses. This way, artists retain their creative and professional integrity while also being able to easily deliver their work to a global market.

Ultimately, AvantForm artists receive some of the highest royalties in the industry, keeping up to 75% of each purchase. The platform is an empowering and transparent approach to a growing market – one that helps professional artists focus on creating beautiful work and rewards them accordingly.


If you would like more information about the launch of AvantForm, please contact


AvantForm is a licensing platform launching this week with a diverse set of digital creators from all over the world. Artists who wish to apply can access the application form on the AvantForm website. Brands or agencies who want to access the collection can browse the roster of talent, create an account, and start licensing work.

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