Exploring the limitless possibilities of digital art as an escape from reality.

Image Face ID by James Ramirez

Creativity can distract, entertain, and add beauty to the world in times when we need it most. Yet some of the most beautiful work is created during moments of pain and struggle. Does all great art come from great pain? Certainly not, but many artists have famously used their own pain and resistance as a muse. 

Rainy BoyAuguste Lefou

In uncertain times there is no one “right” way to express oneself. Some take a dystopian view based on fear and despair, while others emit hope and wonder through utopian dreams. Acknowledging their visions can evoke emotions that either challenge or support your own beliefs. 

By the OceanMorten Lasskogen

As children, we are all artists. Using our creative expression as an outlet comes naturally when we are young and fearless. Somewhere along the way, some of us lose that, while some of us develop it as a skill and tool. A tool that allows us to give life to our innermost thoughts — for catharsis, or to add meaning to the world. Sometimes we create just to feel better.

N°157Roman Bratschi

Art’s ability to heal is not limited to the act of creation. Often, it is the creativity of others that inspire us to see the world in our own new way. When we are feeling disconnected, trapped or isolated - either physically or mentally - we can turn to art that takes us to a place (or time) we’d rather be. We can create, and we can appreciate. And for a little while at least, we can escape our feelings in favour of a world of discovery and wonder.

Hot_cup_of_tree.jpgFilip Hodas

Our collection is created by some of the world’s best digital artists. The world of CGI tears down the walls between imagination and creation. These are artists that are not bound by literal concepts — they focus on the conceptual — a world with no rules or structure. It’s as if they are saying “Here’s the reality I prefer”, and like a troop of digital Descartes’ their reality is manifested through thoughts.


This is what makes the creators and digital art on AvantForm so unique. They create for creativity’s sake. They create work that matters to them, and are empowered to license it for other creators. You can lose yourself in a diverse collection of images and animations for hours and discover a different world of creativity. Everything you see came from the mind of a dedicated and skilled artist. Not from a creative brief or commission, but from their own need to express themselves. 


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